Computer Basics


What is ram- Random-access memory is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code.

When is it needed- 8GB of ram is the sweet spot for the majority of users, providing enough ram for virtually all productivity tasks and less demanding games. If you're running demanding applications like video editing and CAD, or you're a hardcore gamer, then we recommend that you start at 16GB and go up from there. 

Where is it located- ram is physically located inside the machine close to the processor on the mainboard (motherboard). In a laptop, typically is visible as soon as you remove the back cover, some even have quick access panels to the ram to make it easy. 

Why do I need it- A computer uses its ram to execute every single process it has to do, ram is needed no matter what but especially when running with high demand like gaming or video and music editing.

What caliber do I need- To determine what caliber of ram you need and how much, you must first know what you are going to be doing with the computer. If you are just checking emails and creating word documents then 4GB will do. However, if you try to play a video game and you want to have 30+ fps, you will only be able to achieve 10-25 fps depending on the game of course. 16+GB of ram is best for gaming and video editing, 32GB can handle all of the above and more like virtual machines. 

Hard drive types- There are quite a few different types of hard drives, for the last 10 years we have all been using the same Hard Disk Drive (HDD), however now there is a new hard drive called a Solid State Drive (SSD). A regular HDD has a moving disk in it which makes is not ideal for a laptop because people move the laptop while it is still on which means the disk in the drive can be damaged. An SSD has no moving parts and can be moved easily without worry, this means its more reliable and more durable. With no moving parts its even faster than the previous HDD's. so in conclusion, an SSD is more reliable, faster, more compact, and will outlast any HDD that's close to comparison. 

Hard Disk Drives

What is a HDD- Hard Disk Drive is a non-volatile memory hardware device that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the HDD. It is a storage device with read and writes capabilities. However, an SSD (Solid State Drive) is the newer, faster, and more reliable option.

When is it needed- a HDD is needed when you are trying to start your computer and/or you are trying to access a file on your computer. A HDD is where the operating system is stored, your computer won't without an operating system installed. The extra space that the HDD has after the operating system is installed is all used as free space for your files to be stored. 

Where is it located- HDD's can be located in an array of different locations, some computer cases have 5+ spots for HDD's. The majority of the computers out there have a similar spot for their HDD's which is right below or right next to the Disk Drive (CD drive). 

Why do I need it- If you want a fast, reliable, and functioning computer, you need a good and reliable HDD especially since a computer won't start without one. 

What caliber do I need- For basic computing, you don't really need anything special, a regular 250GB HDD should suffice. However, if you want speed, an SSD is the way to go for read and write speeds. For a quick PC with lots of storage, an SSD with your operating system with a backup HDD for storage is the way to go. 

COA - Certificate Of Authenticity

What is a COA- COA is a Certificate Of Authenticity from Microsoft letting the buyer know that the product and the seller are certified and official, its also lets the buyer know that we report directly to Microsoft. 

When is A COA required- COA's are required when you are attempting to activate your computer, the COA has a product code on it that is the key to activating windows, without that product key code, some functions on your commuter will not be fully accessible. 

Where is it located- Your COA is located on your computer. If you have a desktop, it is located on top of the machine towards the back if it is standing vertically. If you have a laptop it is located on the very bottom of the machine usually near the battery. 

Why do I need one- Buying a computer without a COA is a little risky because it means the seller is not certified and that they do not report to Microsoft. Without a COA some of the features that are built into Windows 10 are not fully accessible. For instance, you do not have a COA a watermark will remain at the lower right-hand corner saying Activate Windows. 

Which one do I need- The difference between the two is basically business vs home use. The features the Windows 10 Pro offers is substantial for a work-life, features like Group Policies, Mobile Device Management, Assigned Access, Kiosk Mode Setup, Dynamic Provisioning, and support for the active directory are just some of the features that Windows 10 Pro offers that Windows 10 Home does not. However, unless you are using you for home use, none of those features really matter. To sum it up, Windows 10 Pro is for business and Windows 10 Home is for the everyday user. 

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