Windows 10 Flash Drive Creation

If you find yourself needing to reinstall Windows due to Viruses, hardware failures or any number of other reasons, please follow the instructions below to create restore media and reinstall Windows on your PC. 

Before starting be sure to unplug any external Hard Drives or similar devices that could be accidentally erased. We will begin by creating a Windows Recovery Flash Drive. Before proceeding make sure you have the following items :

  1. USB Flash Drive that is 8GB or Higher (Will need to be erased)
  2. Working Windows PC with Windows 7 or later installed.
  3. Working internet connection and at least 8GB available Hard Drive Space.

Once you have these items and are ready to start we will need to visit the Microsoft Media Creation Tool website:

Once on the site you will need to click the second Blue Button Labeled Download Tool Now, save the file to a destination of your choosing or the Windows Default. Once the tool has downloaded double click the tool to initialize it. Be sure to accept any permissions the Tool asks you for as declining will prevent it from running. 

The tool will take a moment to start up, after it has read through the terms and licensing and accept the agreement to proceed. Once you have accepted the agreement you should be presented with two options, we will be selecting Create Installation Media and then click Next. On the next screen be sure to unpick Recommended Options for this PC and then select Next. 

On the following screen USB Flash Drive should already be selected, hit next to proceed. On the last menu your drive should appear in the drop down list, if it does hit click next. If your drive does not appear in the list, try hitting Refresh List or try a different drive. From here the tool will download a clean copy of Windows 10 and install it to the flash drive. Please allow the tool time to both download and install Windows 10.

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