Warranty Information

Thank you for your interest in the products and/or services at Recharge PC. Recharge PC refurbishes computer equipment and parts in accordance with industry-standards. We are happy to provide a one year warranty with a 7-day full-refund return policy.

Damage due to shipping the products to you is covered under this limited warranty. Our warranty does not cover damage due to external causes, including but not limited to: accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, servicing not authorized or provided by Recharge PC. 

The warranty does not cover software issues which includes but is not limited to viruses/malware. 

Because there is no way to professional refurbished laptop batteries, laptop batteries do not fall under our warranty nor are they guaranteed. However, all laptops will function completely with the AC adapter.

Before you ship product to Recharge PC, please backup the data on the hard disk drives and/or any storage device in the product. Recharge PC does not accept liability for lost data or software.

Obtaining Warranty Service:

To obtain warranty service, a call must be placed to our service department at 859-534-2323 Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time. Technician will attempt to resolve any issues.. However, if issue cannot be resolved a Return Authorization (RA) may be issued. All returned items must be approved by our technicians and an RA must be issued.  Orders should be shipped back to:

Recharge PC

7067 Production Court

Florence, KY 41042

Return Policy

We will accept returns up to 14 days from original ship date. Buyer’s Remorse returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee or original shipping costs- whichever costs is greater. If buyer falsifies reason for return, a restocking fee up to 20% will be applied. 

After 30 days, buyer is responsible for return shipping for any and all repairs.  Before you ship product to Recharge PC, please back-up the data on the hard disk drives and/or any storage device in the product. Recharge PC does not accept liability for lost data or software.

Full refund policy (within first seven days) is based upon receipt of item. Upon inspection, if item is found damaged or deemed unsellable a 15% restocking fee will be applied. Original shipping costs are non-refundable.

Pixel Policy

Each Pixel is made up of a red, green and blue sub-pixel. When a sub-pixel is fixed in an unchanging state, the visible result is a tiny black, white or colored spot that appears on the screen. There are generally two types of sub-pixel defects namely bright and dark sub-pixel defects. A sub-pixel defect is also referred to as a dot defect.

Bright Sub-Pixel Defects: A sub-pixel remains permanently lit, resulting in a white or colored dot on a black background.

Dark Sub-Pixel Defects: A sub-pixel remains permanently unlit, resulting in a black or colored dot on a white background.

During LCD manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for one or more sub-pixels to become fixed in an unchanging state. A display with a 1 to 5 fixed sub-pixel is considered normal and within industry standards.

Microsoft Office Policy

As required by Microsoft with instillation of a new Windows Operating System, each computer comes with a free 30-day trial of Microsoft Office. This is a trial version only. If you wish to purchase Microsoft Office you may do so through the Microsoft website. We do not advertise these machines with office nor is this an acceptable reason for return.