Recharge PC 256GB SATA III 2.5" Solid State High Performance Hard Drive-7mm NAND Flash

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Recharge PC 256GB SATA III 2.5" Solid State Drive (SSD) - 7mm NAND FLASH

Upgrade your laptop or PC with a 256GB SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD).  With no moving parts, you'll experience better performance, speed, security, and longevity.  Whether you're a gamer seeking faster load times or backing up irreplaceable files, the SATA III SSD is just what you need!

Base Spec:
Interface: SATA III
Dimensions: 100x70x7 mm
Capacity: 256GB 
Flash Type: MLC NAND Flash

Read/Write Performance:
Sequential Read: Up to 560MB/s
Sequential Write: Up to 460 MB/s 
4KB Random Read IOPS: 70000
4KB Random Write IOPS: 70000
Response Time: 0.2ms

Power Consumption:
Power Supply: 5V+5%
Standby: 0.3W
Maximum Ripple: 70 mV (peak to peak)
4KB Random Write: 2.5W

Write Endurance: 8 Years at 100G Write/Day (32G)
Read Endurance: Unlimited
MTBF: >2,000,000 Hours
Data Retention: >20 Years at 25 Celsius
Sudden Power-Off Recover Support
S.M.A.R.T,NQC, Trim and Dynamic Power Management Support

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