Being Able To Pivot

Being Able To Pivot
By: Ann Dailey-Dickerson
Monday, September 21, 2020

Let’s face it. Covid-19 has forever changed the world and life as we know it. Once the current pandemic is over, it will also change our approach to where we work, how we get there and more. Early planning and preparation are going to be the keys to success.

Wearing Masks

As the parent of a high school Freshman, I’ve seen firsthand the effects this pandemic has had on our youth. Plexiglass around the teacher’s desk, mandatory use of face masks, and assigned seating are not ideal conditions.  Some may ask, ‘What is school without dances, pep rallies, and school assemblies?’  I find myself asking questions about my son such as  ‘How will he meet people and bond with classmates when he’s restricted to spacing himself six feet apart?’  These weren’t the type of high school memories and experiences I had hoped for him.

Teaching During Covid-19

Lunch Room Distancing

Empty Auditorium

In my family you are conditioned to be active in school, whether that be a club, sport, or office.  My son just so happens to be passionate about football.  During football season, the entire family shows up to watch him play.  In light of new Covid-19 mandates, football as we know it will change too - no student fans, halftime show, or family cheering from the stands. With limited spectators, who gets to attend the game?  Will his stepdad, cousins, and grandparents get to see him play? Our school is one of the more fortunate ones in the state with the privilege of competing, so I can’t make too big of a stink.  

This mother wasn’t about to sit on the sidelines and let Covid-19 strip away his family support too. As a team, our family tackled this obstacle just like any other.  We set in motion a plan, practiced, and executed. So what is our game plan, you ask?  Online streaming services provide our family the opportunity to watch from the comfort and safety of our own home.  Streaming the game means I don’t have to expose his grandparents to the elements or them run the risk of contracting the virus. Subscription services like NFHS Network capture live on-demand high school sports from across the country.  Best of all, you can watch from any smart device. 

To prepare for game day, I’ve loaded the subscription application to our family laptop, providing us flexibility to move from room-to-room or house-to-house.  Just like my athlete, my laptop had to be equipped with the right components - quality sound, HD monitor, high speed processor, and memory.  I huddled everyone around for a practice run to preview old game films. The walk-through was tough at first; the grandparents struggled with settings and controls needed modifying.  And now here we are, one week away from kickoff.  As the nucleus of this family, my team, I consider it my responsibility to pivot and make plays.  It’s safe to say, this team is ready for the challenge.  I encourage you to get off the bench and make memories of your own.