Windows Activation - Physical COA

All licenses are valid and provided by Microsoft. The biggest cause of errors comes from typing in the code incorrectly or not being connected to the internet. 

Note: Letters E, U, L, A, O, S, I, Z and numbers 1, 0, 5 are never used in the key.

If you get a warning notice:

- Make sure you are connected to the internet

- Some letters and numbers look alike (ex: B vs 8, K vs X, G vs 6, Y vs V)



Step 1: 

The product key is located on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Based on your order, you can find the COA here:

  • Towers, Desktops, Small Forms: Affixed to the top of the machine towards the back.
  • Laptops: Underside of the laptop or underneath the battery.

To read the entire product key, the grey concealment layer must be scratched off. Gently scratch off the silver layer using a coin. Do not use keys or other sharp objects as they may damage the code. 





Step 2: 

Click on the circle icon next to the Windows logo on the bottom task bar. In the search box type, 'Activation' and then select the 'Activation - System Settings' option. 




Step 3:

Click on 'Change Product Key' - You must be connected to the internet.




Step 4:

Enter in the Product Key found on the COA (Step 1). Windows automatically detects and validates the product key.